Best Muay Thai Bags: Top Picks for 2023

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To find the best Muay Thai bag for your needs, it’s important to consider factors such as the bag’s size, weight, material, and filling. You’ll also consider whether you need a freestanding bag or one hanging from the ceiling. Each option has unique advantages, so choosing carefully is essential.

Best Muay Thai Bags – Editor’s Choice

In a hurry? Here is the one for you:

Editor’s Choice


Outslayer Muay Thai Heavy Bag

  • Made-in-USA quality
  • Durable construction
  • Sturdy and great for various martial arts
  • Satisfying feel when striking
  • Best Muay Thai Bags Reviews in 2023

    I’ve compiled a list of the top Muay Thai bags available so you can find the perfect one to suit your training needs and preferences.

    1. Outslayer Muay Thai Heavy Bag (130 pounds)

    The Outslayer Muay Thai Heavy Bag is a top choice for its durable construction, satisfying feel, and made-in-the-USA quality.


    • Made in the USA and filled with fabric only
    • Ships filled at 130 pounds, no chains required
    • Sturdy and great for various martial arts disciplines


    • No D-ring included
    • Some may find a 130-pound weight too heavy
    • Vinyl material might not be for everyone

    The Outslayer Muay Thai heavy bag is great for martial arts training. It comes filled with 130 pounds of fabric so you don’t have to fill it yourself like other bags. This makes it easy to use for MMA, kickboxing, karate and more.

    The bag is very sturdy and durable. One thing to note is that it doesn’t come with a hook, so you need to plan how to hang it up. But it’s worth the effort because the bag feels great when practicing kicks and punches.

    Some may prefer a leather or canvas cover instead of the vinyl one. But overall this bag is a good investment if you want to practice martial arts at home. It will last a long time and works well for all skill levels.

    2. Ringside 100-pound Muay Thai Punching Heavy Bag, Black

    I highly recommend the Ringside 100-pound Muay Thai Punching Heavy Bag for its durability, quality, and versatility in training sessions.


    • Durable Powerhide construction
    • Suitable for various combat sports
    • Full-length for versatile training


    • Heavy at 100 pounds
    • Might require a large space for installation
    • Stuffing may settle towards the bottom over time

    The Ringside 100-pound Muay Thai heavy bag caught my eye due to its durable Powerhide material. This ensures it can withstand intense workouts and last a long time.

    I like that this bag works for Muay Thai, MMA and boxing. Its size provides space to practice kicks, punches and footwork. This full-length bag allows a well-rounded workout targeting different muscles.

    One downside is the 100-pound weight, which can be hard to install and move around. The large size also needs space, so it may not work if you have a small area. Over time, some say the filling settles to the bottom, making it less consistent.

    Despite these things, the Ringside bag remains a great training tool for the home or gym. Its tough construction and suitability for combat sports make it worth investing in to improve skills and get a full workout.

    3. Combat Sports 100-pound Muay Thai Punching Heavy Bag

    This high-quality Muay Thai bag works well for professionals and amateurs looking for a solid, durable training option.


    • Top-quality, full-length heavy bag for versatile workouts
    • Durable synthetic leather construction that is easy to clean
    • Suitable for various combat sports training like boxing, MMA, and Muay Thai


    • Shipping costs might be pricey for some customers
    • No D-ring at the bottom of the bag
    • Chain clip mechanism not adjustable, it may not fit all spaces

    The Combat Sports 100-pound Muay Thai bag is great for an intense full-body workout. Its full length allows practicing different moves to improve combat skills. The synthetic leather ensures long lasting durability under heavy use too.

    One potential downside is extra shipping costs. But the high quality makes it worth it. The bag lacks a bottom D-ring, but holds up well without it for most users.

    The included chain clip is not adjustable, which could be an issue if you have limited space or height. Aside from these minor things, it’s a fantastic investment to take your training to the next level.

    To summarize, this bag is highly rated for its durable construction and design that supports different combat sports. Consider the shipping costs and chain clip limitations. But overall it can help you achieve your fitness and skills goals.

    4. Fairtex Heavy Bag Banana

    I believe this Fairtex Heavy Bag is an excellent choice for anyone looking to train in Muay Thai or other combat sports due to its durability and versatility.


    • High-quality synthetic leather for long-lasting use
    • Unique shape allows for various striking techniques
    • Easy installation with sturdy hanging straps and swivel


    • Comes unfilled, requires effort to fill
    • Can be a bit lumpy initially
    • May not be suitable for other sports

    The Fairtex Heavy Bag Banana is made from high quality synthetic leather. Its unique shape allows for more striking techniques, making it perfect for Muay Thai, boxing and other martial arts.

    Installing it is easy with the included hanging straps and swivel. The durable construction keeps it securely in place during workouts.

    The bag comes empty so you’ll need to fill it yourself using materials like old clothes. It may feel lumpy at first but will even out over time. While great for Muay Thai, other styles may find better options.

    Regardless of skill level, the Fairtex bag is an excellent addition for training equipment. Its durability, versatility and easy setup make it very reliable for improving your skills.

    5. PROLAST Boxing Muay Thai Heavy Bag

    The PROLAST Boxing Muay Thai Heavy Bag is a solid choice for those looking to upgrade their boxing and Muay Thai training.


    • Excellent for building stamina and balance
    • Durable, weatherproof exterior
    • Filled with high-quality shredded cotton fabric


    • Weight discrepancy reported by users
    • Might be larger than expected
    • Lacks sand filling option

    The PROLAST heavy bag is great for taking workouts or training to the next level. At 72×14 inches and 130 pounds, it’s suitable for punching and kicking exercises to build strength and balance.

    Made from durable rip-stop vinyl that’s quadruple stitched, the exterior lasts for years. The 100% cotton filling provides a quality feel and adjustable weight.

    Some reported the actual weight is around 115 pounds, not 130. It may also be larger than expected and doesn’t offer a sand filling option. Still, this bag is a solid investment for improving boxing and Muay Thai skills.

    In summary, the PROLAST bag is well-made and weatherproof for dedicated athletes. Its tough outer cover and quality filling make it reliable despite minor issues with weight and size.

    6. Outslayer Muay Thai Punching Bag 6ft 150lbs

    The Outslayer Muay Thai Punching Bag is a durable and reliable choice for those looking to improve their skills with a bag proudly made in the USA.


    • High-quality, heavy-duty multi-coated anti-rip vinyl
    • Made in the USA with a 10-year warranty
    • Heavy-duty straps, no need for chains


    • Unfilled, requires self-filling
    • Limited color options (black only)
    • No bottom D-ring included

    The Outslayer brand is top-rated for Muay Thai bags. This USA-made bag has heavy-duty vinyl that withstands punishing workouts.

    I like that the straps are made of the same tough material, eliminating chains for easier setup. Plus it has a 10-year warranty showing confidence in the product.

    The only downsides are that it comes empty so you fill it yourself. It’s also just available in black and lacks a bottom D-ring limiting some drills.

    Overall, the Outslayer bag is an excellent choice for serious Muay Thai training. Its durability and 10-year warranty make it fantastic despite minor issues.

    7. Proslayer 6ft 150lb Muay Thai Bag

    The perfect choice for those seeking a top-quality, affordable Muay Thai bag with superior durability and American-made craftsmanship.


    • Made in the USA with super tough material
    • 6ft tall, 150lb bag suitable for Muay Thai, Boxing, and MMA
    • Lifetime Warranty on stitching and reinforced seams


    • Ships unfilled – requires filling with your materials
    • Filling process can be time-consuming
    • Heavy Duty D-rings and webbing handles, but no hanging hardware included

    The Proslayer Muay Thai bag caught my eye due to its quality construction and affordable price. It’s a great option for improving Muay Thai, boxing or MMA skills. Made in the USA with tough material, it withstands rigorous training.

    At 6ft and 150lb capacity, it suits various martial arts with room for full-body workouts. The lifetime warranty on stitches gives peace of mind that it will last.

    Note that it ships empty so filling it yourself takes time and effort using suitable materials. Instructions are included but it’s somewhat tedious. It also lacks mounting hardware, requiring an extra purchase.

    In conclusion, this bag is an excellent budget-friendly choice for serious martial artists. Just be ready to dedicate time to filling and get mounting hardware for installation. Overall it allows improving skills with an American-made durable product.

    Buying Guide

    As someone passionate about Muay Thai, I know finding the best bag for your training sessions is essential. To help you make the right choice, I’m sharing a few key factors you should consider when buying a Muay Thai bag.

    1. Material

    The bag’s material is crucial in its durability and performance. Consider high-quality leather, synthetic leather, or heavy-duty vinyl bags. These materials can endure the wear and tear of rigorous training sessions without losing shape or suffering damage.

    2. Size and Weight

    Generally, taller and heavier bags are suitable for beginners because they provide more resistance. As you progress in your training, look for a bag that aligns with your preferences and skill level. Different sizes and weights are available for Muay Thai bags, so choose according to your current skill level and what you’re comfortable with.

    3. Filling

    The filling of the bag will affect its firmness and weight distribution. Bags with sand, fabric, and foam fillings are popular options. Sand-filled bags are the heaviest and offer more resistance, while fabric and foam-filled bags are lighter and offer less resistance. It’s essential to find a bag with the right combination of firmness and weight distribution that suits your training needs.

    4. Mounting Options

    • Wall-Mounted: These bags are mounted on the wall and save floor space, making them great for small gyms and home setups. However, they might offer a different range of motion than freestanding or ceiling-mounted bags.
    • Ceiling-Mounted: These bags hang from the ceiling and offer a full range of motion for training. They require secure attachment points and might not be suitable for all spaces.
    • Freestanding: Freestanding bags don’t require mounting and can be easily moved or stored, making them an ideal choice for those with limited space or changing training locations.

    Remember, no Muay Thai bag will be perfect for every individual. When choosing a bag, you must consider your needs and preferences, from material and size to mounting options and filling. By considering these factors, you’ll be well on your way to finding a Muay Thai bag that will enhance your training experience.

    Different Types of Muay Thai Bags

    When it comes to Muay Thai training, I’ve come across various types of Muay Thai bags that cater to the unique needs of this martial art. Let me briefly introduce you to a few of these bags:

    1. Heavy Bags

    The heavy bag is a staple in any Muay Thai gym. It’s usually made of durable synthetic or genuine leather, filled with compacted textiles, sand, or a mix of both. This bag provides excellent resistance for powerful punches, kicks, knees, and elbows. Heavy bags come in various shapes, sizes, and weights, allowing me to focus on different aspects of my striking technique.

    2. Teardrop Bags

    As the name suggests, teardrop bags have a distinctive shape that resembles a water droplet. These bags are excellent for practicing uppercut punches, hooks, clinching techniques, and knee strikes. Its curved surface enables me to fine-tune my angle and accuracy when striking.

    3. Banana Bags

    Banana bags are narrower and longer than standard heavy bags, hanging to the floor. This design allows me to practice low kicks, essential in Muay Thai. I can also work on my high kicks, knee strikes, and punches without worrying about hurting my shin or foot on the base of a traditional heavy bag.

    4. Uppercut Wall Bags

    These wall-mounted bags are specifically designed for practicing uppercut punches and hooks. They’re usually made of dense foam and covered in durable synthetic leather, offering a solid target without causing strain on my joints. Uppercut wall bags are a perfect addition to my training routine, helping diversify my punching technique.

    5. Wrecking Ball Bags

    Also known as the round heavy bag or floor-to-ceiling bag, the wrecking ball bag has a unique circular shape and requires more precise targeting for strikes. This type of bag helps me develop accuracy and power in my punches, especially my hooks and uppercuts. It’s also great for dodging and slipping drills, encouraging me to move around and avoid incoming strikes.

    This brief overview of the different types of Muay Thai bags helps you find the right one for your training needs. Remember that each bag serves a unique purpose and can help improve different aspects of your striking technique.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What are the top heavy bags for Muay Thai?

    Some of the best heavy bags for Muay Thai are Fairtex, Outslayer, and Ringside. These brands offer a good combination of durability, quality materials, and proper weight distribution. Using a reliable and solid bag for Muay Thai practice is essential, as it helps improve striking and overall techniques.

    What is the difference between water and regular heavy bags?

    Water bags and regular heavy bags have some key differences. As the name suggests, water bags are filled with water, while regular heavy bags typically contain sand, fabric, or foam. I’ve noticed that water bags offer a unique, more realistic feel when striking, which can mimic the sensation of hitting an actual opponent. On the other hand, regular heavy bags provide a more stable and consistent striking surface, which can be helpful for beginners learning the fundamentals of Muay Thai.

    Are there benefits to using a Muay Thai bag with a stand?

    Yes, there are benefits to using a Muay Thai bag with a stand. I find that a stand adds stability and allows for more flexibility in placement within a training space, making it suitable for those with limited room or who want to move the bag around easily. Additionally, a stand can prevent damage to ceilings or walls from hanging a heavy bag.

    How do I choose a Muay Thai bag’s right size and weight?

    Selecting a Muay Thai bag’s appropriate size and weight largely depends on your personal training goals and preferences. I recommend considering factors such as body weight, skill level, and striking power. As a rule of thumb, a Muay Thai bag should weigh about half your body weight and be tall enough to comfortably accommodate your kicks and strikes. Choosing a bag that provides enough resistance to improve your skills is essential without causing any unnecessary strain or injuries.

    Teardrop vs. banana bag: Which is better for training?

    Both teardrop and banana bags have their advantages for Muay Thai training. A teardrop bag offers a wider range of striking options, as its shape allows for practicing uppercuts, hooks, and knees more comfortably. On the other hand, a banana bag is longer and thinner, making it ideal for practicing low kicks and strikes to the legs. Ultimately, choosing these two styles depends on your training needs and preferences.


    As a Muay Thai enthusiast, I found that choosing the right Muay Thai bag is essential for improving our skills and getting the most out of our training sessions. There are a few factors to consider when selecting the best Muay Thai bag, such as the bag’s material, weight, and length.

    • Material: The type of material used in the bag influences its durability and comfort. Bags of high-quality synthetic or genuine leather are more durable and provide a better hitting experience.
    • Weight: Bags come in various weights; the heavier the bag, the more resistance and workout intensity it offers. Beginners should opt for lighter bags, while more experienced fighters can train with heavier bags.
    • Length: The bag’s length should also be considered, as it determines the range of kicks and strikes one can practice. Taller bags suit all strikes, including low kicks and high knee strikes.

    In conclusion, investing in a high-quality Muay Thai bag is crucial for honing our fighting techniques and getting the best workout possible. Consider these factors when choosing a bag, and you’ll be on your way to becoming a formidable Muay Thai practitioner!

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