Best Muay Thai Hand Wraps: Top Picks for 2023

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In this blog post, I will discuss the features to look for in hand wraps and provide a list of the best Muay Thai hand wraps. So, find the perfect hand wraps to keep your hands and wrists safe and secure during training and fights.

Short on time? This is your ideal choice:

Hayabusa Muay Thai Hand Wraps

  • Blend of comfort, protection, and support
  • Perfect stretch fabric
  • Secure and precise fit
  • Overall Rating: 
    4.8/5 stars




    Best Muay Thai Hand Wraps: Top Picks for 2023

    I spent more than 40 hours researching, talking to Muay Thai experts, and drawing from my own experience in the sport to create a list of the best Muay Thai hand wraps. This list will help you choose the best hand wraps for your needs by considering key features such as durability, comfort, support, and ease of use.

    1. Hayabusa Boxing Hand Wraps Perfect Stretch 4.0 Red Maze

    These Hayabusa hand wraps are an excellent choice for anyone seeking comfortable and supportive protection during their Muay Thai training.


    • Remarkable blend of comfort, protection, and support
    • Perfect stretch fabric for a non-restrictive fit
    • Secure and precise fit with a starter thumb loop and extra-wide hook & loop closure


    • Velcro length might be too short for some preferences
    • Color options may be limited
    • Possible dye transfer during the initial wash

    The Hayabusa Perfect Stretch 4.0 hand wraps stand out due to their comfort, protection and support. Made of 50% cotton and 50% nylon, they feel soft but still provide the right amount of stretch.

    This unique fabric lets your hands move freely without bulk. It’s important for martial artists to have a wrap that doesn’t restrict movement but keeps hands safe.

    These wraps have features like a thumb loop and wide velcro to help you get a snug fit easily. The fabric supports your hands and prevents awkward bending when punching.

    A few minor downsides are the velcro could be longer for tighter fits, and the color options may be limited. Also watch for dye transfer the first time washing.

    Overall I highly recommend these wraps for Muay Thai training. They feel great and protect your hands so you can focus on training.

    2. Fairtex Elastic Cotton Handwraps

    Choose these hand wraps for excellent wrist and knuckle support in boxing, Muay Thai, and kickboxing without compromising comfort and style.


    • High-quality cotton and elastic material
    • Secure Velcro closure
    • Multiple colors available


    • Prone to fraying from Velcro snagging
    • May need replacing after frequent use
    • Care is required in washing to maintain quality

    The Fairtex Elastic Cotton Handwraps are essential gear for combat sports due to their wrist and knuckle support. Made of high-quality cotton and elastic, they provide comfort and flexibility during training.

    A great feature is the Velcro closure, which allows for an adjustable yet snug fit. This lets you focus on training without constant adjusting. They also come in various colors so you can pick your style.

    Some potential downsides – the wraps can fray if the Velcro snags the fabric over time. This impacts durability and means replacing them sooner than other brands. You also need to take care washing them to maintain quality.

    Overall they offer protection and comfort, but may not last as long due to fraying issues. Choosing a color you like is a bonus. Just be mindful of the Velcro during use and washing.

    3. Gold BJJ Boxing Hand Wraps

    I highly recommend these Gold BJJ Boxing Hand Wraps for ultimate protection and comfort while practicing Muay Thai or other combat sports.


    • Extra-long (200″) for complete protection
    • Optimal stretch for a comfortable fit
    • Machine washable and durable


    • Print on the wraps might peel off
    • Velcro quality may vary
    • Possible wrist support issue for some users

    As a combat sports enthusiast, the Gold BJJ Boxing Hand Wraps are a great addition. At 200″, they offer better hand and wrist protection than standard 180″ wraps. This lets me focus on practicing without injury worries.

    Made of cotton-nylon, they have just the right stretch for a secure yet comfortable fit. This is useful when perfecting techniques without distraction from my wraps.

    A bonus is they’re machine washable for easy cleaning. The material holds up well even after multiple washes.

    Potential downsides – the print may peel with use, making wrapping difficult. Velcro quality varies so it may not last as long for heavy users. Some may want more wrist support.

    Despite minor issues, the extra length, optimal stretch, and durable washable material make these worth considering for Muay Thai training. They protect hands well at a good value.

    4. Hayabusa Quick Gel Boxing Hand Wrap Gloves Medium Black

    These hand wraps are an excellent choice for anyone needing a quick and convenient solution to protect their hands during training.


    • Time-saving design with gel foam padding
    • Durable material and wrist support
    • Comfortable fit in various sizes and colors


    • Finger holes may be tight for some users
    • Padding thickness could affect glove adjustments
    • Limited wrist support compared to traditional wraps

    The Hayabusa Quick Gel Boxing Hand Wrap Gloves save time before training by protecting knuckles without wrapping. The durable, soft materials feel comfortable round after round and wash after wash.

    The fit is secure thanks to sizing options and 36-inch wrist wrap without bulk under gloves. Various colors and sizes suit different fighters.

    Some may find finger holes too tight for long periods. Thick gel can be difficult in large mitts. Wrist support may not be as robust as traditional wraps, a concern for injury histories.

    Overall they offer a fast, convenient and comfortable alternative to wrapping. Just be aware of potential fit and wrist support drawbacks for some preferences.

    5. RDX Gel Boxing Hand Wraps Inner Gloves

    These RDX Gel Boxing Hand Wraps are great for protection and support during MMA, Boxing, Muay Thai, and Kickboxing training.


    • Superior impact distribution with Shell-Shock Gel padding
    • Durable, elasticated polyester material
    • Easy-on half-finger design for breathability and grappling


    • Possible discomfort from the flat back edge
    • Somewhat difficult to fit under some MMA gloves
    • Quality matches the low price

    The RDX Gel Boxing Hand Wraps provide protection and support during intensive training. The gel padding distributes force to reduce hand/wrist stress. Durable elastic polyester fabric makes them suitable for long-term martial arts use.

    The half-finger design allows better airflow, breathability and easier grappling. The 75cm straps provide excellent wrist support to prevent injuries during training or competition.

    Potential drawbacks – the flat back edge can cause discomfort or rubbing initially. They may be too tight for some MMA gloves. Quality matches the affordable price so they’re best for light boxing or beginners.

    Despite minor cons, they remain a solid choice for convenient wrist/hand support during martial arts training.

    6. Venum Boxing Hand Wraps 4-Meter Black

    These Venum hand wraps are highly recommended for their excellent comfort, support, and durability balance.


    • Stretch Cotton provides unmatched comfort
    • Elasticated material for a snug fit
    • Velcro fasteners ensure easy adjustability


    • Thumb loop not included
    • Some users found color inaccuracies
    • Occasional issues with hook and loop fasteners reported

    The Venum Boxing Hand Wraps are made from high-quality elastic cotton, ensuring a comfortable and secure training fit. Protecting hands is essential for amateurs and pros alike.

    The stretch cotton provides both comfort and support, staying in place no matter how intense training gets.

    Velcro fasteners make them easy to adjust for a perfect fit in any hand size, reducing need to constantly readjust during training.

    Minor drawback is lack of thumb loop, which some may find inconvenient. Some reported color or Velcro issues but most found them reliable and effective for hand protection during Muay Thai training.

    In summary, they are a solid choice for anyone serious about protecting hands during intense Muay Thai sessions due to comfort, support and durability.

    7. Hawk Padded Inner Gloves

    These Hawk Padded Inner Gloves are great for those looking to protect their hands during intense boxing sessions.


    • Ultra shock absorbing impact gel
    • Precise fit with strong finger and thumb holes
    • Dynamic and modern look


    • Finger openings might be tight for some
    • Not as adjustable as traditional hand wraps
    • Limited to two sizes: S-M and L-XL

    Hawk Boxing’s Padded Inner Gloves keep hands injury-free during boxing, judo, karate, Muay Thai and taekwondo training. Ultra-shock gel provides comfort, power and protection during intense sessions.

    Carefully stitched finger/thumb holes and knuckle positioning offer ample support for powerful punches. Available in 2 sizes and 3 colors, they make a sleek alternative to hand wraps.

    Slip them on and tighten wraps for a snug fit. Extra-long 36″ wrist wraps provide more protection, secured by Velcro. Note finger openings may be tight for some, and only 2 size options. Quick and easy alternative to wraps.

    In summary, they excellently protect hands during training with shock absorption, precise fit and dynamic look. Consider sizing limitations and potentially tight fingers before purchasing.

    8. YOKKAO Hand Wraps Premium Thai Flag

    You should consider these YOKKAO hand wraps for their durability, comfort, and unique design.


    • High-quality elastic cotton material
    • Unique weave pattern for better comfort and breathability
    • Made in Thailand, renowned for Muay Thai products


    • Some users report stretch marks after use
    • Fabric may feel more like polyester than cotton
    • Hand wash only recommended

    These hand wraps utilize high-quality elastic cotton for better flexibility during training. The unique weave pattern provides greater comfort and breathability vital for long sessions.

    As an authentic Muay Thai gear appreciator, I love that they’re made in Thailand, evident in the eye-catching Thai flag design and hand washing care recommendations to extend lifespan.

    While there are minor drawbacks like stretch marks and more polyester-like feel, these issues won’t concern all. Overall performance and authentic Thai durability outweigh inconveniences.

    They offer a combination of quality, comfort and authentic design, making them a strong contender. High-quality elastic cotton and unique weave ensure an enjoyable and practical training experience.

    9. Sanabul Elastic 180-inch Boxing Handwraps

    A great choice for those seeking breathable and durable hand wraps for Muay Thai, Boxing, and other martial arts.


    • 60% Nylon / 40% Cotton blend for breathability and fast drying
    • 180 inches long, allowing various wrapping techniques and suitable for most hand sizes
    • Tested and used by professional fighters like Mike Lee and Michael Bisping


    • Though breathable, may not be as thick as other brands
    • May not be suitable for those with very small hands (120″ option available)
    • The velcro closure might be different than shown in the image

    The Sanabul Elastic 180-inch Boxing Handwraps provide ample length for martial artists to wrap hands securely and comfortably using various techniques in stand-up combat sports.

    The 60% nylon/40% cotton blend is an excellent feature as it makes the wraps breathable, quick-drying for regular use, and durable over time. However, some may prefer thicker wraps as breathability means less thickness.

    Endorsed by pro fighters like Mike Lee and Michael Bisping, adding credibility to quality and effectiveness. Overall recommended for reliable hand protection during training sessions.

    10. Sanabul Elastic 180-inch Boxing Handwraps

    I recommend these hand wraps for their exceptional quality, comfort, and adequate length.


    • Premium quality material
    • Comfortable and supportive
    • Suitable for various martial arts


    • Color may differ from photos
    • Stitches may come loose for some users
    • Elasticity may not be to everyone’s preference

    The Pro Impact Mexican Style Hand Wraps are made from a cotton blend, providing a comfortable and supportive feel for martial arts training. They offer a premium quality design for maximum hand, knuckle and wrist protection under gloves.

    At 180 inches, they are impressively versatile for a secure and comfortable fit. Thumb loop and hook-and-loop closure keeps them securely in place to prevent injuries.

    Potential drawbacks – color may not match photos and stitches could come loose after a few uses. Less elastic wraps may not be preferred.

    Despite minor issues, they are a valuable investment for enhancing performance in martial arts due to quality, comfort and adaptability. Great option for training needs.

    Buying Guide

    When I’m looking for the best Muay Thai hand wraps, I consider several factors to make sure I find the perfect fit for my needs. These factors include material, length, and closure type.

    1. Material

    Muay Thai hand wraps are typically made from cotton or a blend of synthetic materials like polyester and elastic. I prefer cotton wraps because they are more breathable and comfortable on my skin, but some may prefer synthetic wraps as they are more durable and provide a snugger fit.

    Muay Thai hand wraps are typically made from cotton or a blend of synthetic materials like polyester and elastic
    Muay Thai hand wraps are typically made from cotton or a blend of synthetic materials like polyester and elastic
    (image source:

    2. Length

    The length of the hand wraps is an essential feature I look for. The standard length for Muay Thai hand wraps is around 180 inches (4.5 meters) long. This length works well for me, offering adequate support for my wrists, hands, and knuckles. However, some may prefer shorter wraps, around 120 inches (3 meters), which are easier to put on but provide less support.

    3. Closure Type

    Another important factor I pay attention to is the closure type. There are two common types of closures: Velcro and traditional tie closures.

    • Velcro closures: I find these convenient and quick to put on or take off. Velcro closures also provide a tighter and more secure fit. They are, however, slightly bulkier than traditional tie closures.
    • Traditional tie closures: These closures are the more traditional option, providing a more customizable fit. But they take more time to put on and take off.

    How to Wrap Your Hands for Muay Thai

    Here are the steps to wrap your hands in Muay Thai:

    • Place a thumb loop in your hand wrap facing your palm
    • Wrap wrist 3-4 times snugly
    • Wrap knuckles 3 times, securing at wrist
    • Loop thumb, back to wrist
    • Wrap diagonally between each finger for an X pattern
    • Wrap the remaining fabric around knuckles and wrist tightly and smoothly
    • Secure velcro closure on wrist

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What are the top hand-wrap brands for Muay Thai?

    In my experience, some of the best hand-wrap brands for Muay Thai are Fairtex, Twins Special, and Top King. Each brand provides excellent support and protection to help you get the most out of your training.

    How to choose the right length of hand wraps?

    To choose the right length of hand wraps, consider your hand size, the level of protection you desire, and your preferred wrapping style. I recommend 180-inch wraps for the average person, but you can opt for shorter (120 inches) or longer (210 inches) wraps if necessary.

    What type of hand wraps do professionals prefer?

    Most professionals prefer traditional cotton or semi-elastic hand wraps due to their comfort, durability, and ability to provide better support than other materials. Mexican-style hand wraps are also popular because of their slightly stretchy material, which balances protection and comfort.

    Is it necessary to use wrist wraps in Muay Thai?

    While wrist wraps are not strictly necessary for practicing Muay Thai, I highly recommend using them to prevent injuries. The repetitive strain that comes with strikes can lead to wrist and hand injuries if you’re not adequately protected. Wrist wraps provide support and stability to help prevent these issues.

    Are gel hand wraps more effective than traditional ones?

    Gel hand wraps can be helpful for beginners, as they offer more padding and protection, making them convenient for light training sessions. However, I prefer traditional hand wraps for more intense training sessions, as they provide superior support and customization.

    What are some cool hand wrap designs for Muay Thai?

    The market has many unique hand wrap designs, reflecting various cultural influences and personal tastes. Some cool designs I’ve come across include tribal patterns, traditional Thai artwork, and vibrant colors. Ultimately, finding a design that resonates with you and makes you feel comfortable wearing and training with them is essential.


    There are lots of options when it comes to picking hand wraps for Muay Thai. Some folks really like the classic cotton wraps since they’re durable and comfy. Others go for the stretchy Mexican-style wraps that provide good support.

    When it was time for me to choose, I thought about what I liked, how big my hands are, and how much I wanted to spend. No matter what kind you pick, it’s super important to wrap your hands the right way. That way you can make sure to cushion them during practice and fights. As long as I wrap up carefully, I can enjoy Muay Thai without worrying about hurting myself too much.

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