Best Muay Thai Shorts: Top Picks for Comfort and Style in 2023

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I have compiled a list of the best Muay Thai shorts to take your training to the next level. From breathable fabrics to stylish designs, I have got you covered.

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If you have little time and are just looking for the best Muay Thai shorts, this is the one for you. (if you have more time, keep reading!)

Yokkao Muay Thai Shorts

  • 100% satin
  • Handcrafted in Thailand
  • Durable construction
  • Eye-catching design
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    Best Muay Thai Shorts Reviews 2023

    This list will help you choose the best Muay Thai shorts for your needs by carefully considering quality, design, and cost. So, rest assured knowing that I’ve done my homework, and you can trust the recommendations I’ve made here.

    1. YOKKAO Muay Thai Boxing Shorts

    YOKKAO’s premium satin shorts are perfect for anyone serious about Muay Thai training and competition.


    • Premium quality satin material
    • Handmade in Thailand
    • Bold and eye-catching anime design


    • Limited edition may be hard to find
    • Sizes may run slightly small
    • Only suitable for specific sports

    These YOKKAO shorts are made for Muay Thai and other martial arts. Made of smooth, durable satin in Thailand, they feel great during intense workouts. The colorful anime design will make you stand out, while the elastic waist keeps them snug. Use them for kickboxing, gym classes, or soccer – they’re perfect for beginners and pros. Comfort and quality from Thailand!

    2. Fairtex Slim Cut Muay Thai Boxing Shorts

    I highly recommend these stylish and durable shorts for anyone looking to up their Muay Thai game.


    • High-quality satin material for durability
    • Traditional Muay Thai design with intricate embroidery
    • Elastic waistband and drawstring for a secure, comfortable fit


    • May show more thigh than some users prefer
    • Not ideal for high kicks due to limited stretch
    • Sizing might be slightly off, so double-check before purchasing

    These Fairtex Muay Thai shorts look sharp and last. Made of smooth satin in classic Thai styles, the embroidery makes them stand out. The elastic waist keeps them comfortable whether kicking high or going hard. They come in lots of sizes, but some say they show more thigh than expected. Check the size chart carefully before buying. Great shorts if they fit your style – and your legs!

    3. Hayabusa Falcon Muay Thai Shorts

    You should consider purchasing these shorts for their comfort, range of motion, and attractive design.


    • Comfortable fit with elastic waistband and drawstring
    • Offers a full range of motion for training and competition
    • Unique and eye-catching design


    • Some users reported crotch area rip issues
    • Slightly larger fit for women
    • The crotch area might feel low for some users

    The Hayabusa Falcon shorts are great for Muay Thai, MMA and more. Their mid-thigh cut lets you move freely while training. The comfy elastic waist keeps them on during intense sessions. Their cool design will make you stand out at the gym!

    Built to last, these are a solid addition to your gear. Some say the crotch area wears out fast, but Hayabusa has good customer service. Sizing runs a bit big for women, so check the size chart carefully. Overall, a quality short for the dojo or ring!

    4. Anthem Athletics Infinity Muay Thai Shorts

    An ideal choice for those seeking high-quality, stylish, and comfortable Muay Thai shorts.


    • Machine washable and tear-resistant fabric
    • Modern style with mid-thigh length and aggressive side slits
    • Designed in the USA with a full range of sizes


    • Can be restrictive for individuals with larger thighs
    • Shorts may appear shorter than in product images
    • Color may vary slightly from display pictures

    The Anthem Infinity shorts are made for Muay Thai, kickboxing and more. Lightweight and durable, they’re easy to wash and last long. Their low-rise waist and mid-thigh cut lets you move freely. Side slits allow full range of motion.

    They come in lots of sizes, from small to 3XL, so most people can find their fit. Some say the shorts ride up higher or colors differ from the photos. If you have bigger thighs, they may feel tight. But overall they’re comfortable and stylish for training. Great shorts for the price!

    5. FLUORY Muay Thai Fight Shorts

    These FLUORY Muay Thai shorts are an excellent option for anyone purchasing a comfortable, durable, stylish pair of shorts for training or competitions.


    • Lightweight and tear-resistant fabric
    • Moisture-wicking technology
    • Superior range of movement


    • Sizing may run small for some users
    • Not the softest material on the inside
    • Durability might be an issue after several washes

    These FLUORY Muay Thai shorts are made of lightweight, breathable polyester. Embroidered logos won’t peel and reinforced stitching makes them last. Side slits allow full flexibility when training. The stretchy waistband with drawstring provides a comfortable, adjustable fit. Great for Muay Thai, kickboxing, gym workouts and more.

    Some say they run small and the material isn’t super soft. Long-term durability after multiple washes is also a concern. But overall they provide quality at a fair price for martial arts training. Just check sizes carefully before ordering.

    6. TOP KING Boxing Muay Thai Shorts

    I recommend these shorts for those who want authentic, handmade Muay Thai shorts allowing unrestricted movement.


    • Made of 100% polyester satin
    • Extra wide legs for unrestricted movement
    • Handmade in Thailand


    • Sizing may run small
    • Color may bleed during washing
    • Waistband could be tight

    The TOP KING Muay Thai shorts are handmade in Thailand with quality materials. Their extra wide legs let you move freely during training. Made of smooth polyester satin, they maintain their look through washes. But sizing runs small – size up! The waistband also runs tight, so consider your preferences. And wash carefully at first since the dye may bleed.

    Overall they provide authentic Thai style and durability for your workouts. Just check sizing and washing notes before ordering.

    7. Venum Muay Thai Medium Black/White Shorts

    I recommend the Venum Classic Muay Thai Shorts for their comfort, mobility, and sleek design, making them a great value choice for Thai Boxing practitioners.


    • Lightweight and flexible material
    • Increased mobility with side slits
    • Elegant and subtle design


    • Smaller fit than expected – consider sizing up
    • Rough edges on some shorts
    • The white color may be slightly see-through

    The Venum Classic shorts are made of lightweight, flexible polyester for ease of movement. Made in Thailand, they have a traditional style with modern touches. Side slits allow full range of motion so you can perfect your techniques. A wide belt with drawstring keeps them secure during intense training.

    But some say they fit smaller than expected – check sizes carefully. A few noted rough edges or see-through-ness with the white color. Overall quality training gear, as long as you get the right size for comfort. Great choice for Muay Thai!

    8. SIAMKICK Classic Muay Thai Shorts

    I recommend these SIAMKICK Classic Muay Thai Shorts for comfort, performance, and durability in training and fights!


    • High-quality satin material
    • Excellent freedom of movement
    • Authentic and traditional design


    • Limited size options
    • An elastic waistband may feel tight for some
    • Care is needed when machine washing

    The SIAMKICK Classic shorts are made of smooth, durable Thai satin. Lightweight and tear-resistant, they offer comfort and tradition. Extra wide side slits allow full flexibility in training. Triple-stitched stress points make them last. But with just 4 sizes, finding the right fit may be tough. The elastic waist also runs tight. Wash carefully to prevent fading.

    Overall they provide quality Muay Thai style, as long as sizing works for your body. A solid choice if the size is right!

    9. NAMAZU Muay Thai Shorts

    My pick for Muay Thai enthusiasts seeking high-quality shorts that combine function and style.


    • Designed for maximum flexibility and movement
    • High-quality, lightweight, and moisture-wicking fabric
    • Meticulously sewn and durable with a powerful hand-embroidered totem


    • Sizing might be tricky; consider sizing up
    • Not machine washable; hand wash only
    • Some users report the material feels a bit plastic-like

    The NAMAZU Muay Thai shorts are perfect for beginners and pros. Wide leg splits allow full kicks, while the stretchy waistband with drawstring keeps them secure. Made of lightweight, breathable polyester satin, they feel great during intense workouts. Flawless stitching makes them durable. A hand-embroidered design shows your fighting spirit.

    High quality at a fair price. Just check sizes carefully and hand wash to keep them in top shape for long training sessions or bouts. A solid choice for your Muay Thai gear!

    Buying Guide

    When I’m looking for the best Muay Thai shorts, several factors come into play. In this buying guide, I’ll share tips on what to look for in a good pair of Muay Thai shorts.

    1. Material

    The first thing to consider is the material. Muay Thai shorts are typically made from satin or nylon. Satin is the most preferred material due to its lightweight and breathable nature, while nylon is also a good option if you want something more budget-friendly.

    2. Fit and Comfort

    Another crucial aspect to consider is the fit and comfort of the shorts. The waistband should be elastic and snug but not too tight, as you will need freedom of movement during training and sparring. The leg openings should also be wide enough to accommodate high kicks and knee strikes without restriction.

    The waistband should be elastic and snug but not too tight
    The waistband should be elastic and snug but not too tight
    (image source:

    3. Design and Length

    When it comes to design and length, it’s mainly a matter of personal preference. Traditional Muay Thai shorts tend to be shorter in length, which allows for maximum mobility. However, there are also longer versions available if you prefer more coverage. As for the design, you can find shorts with vibrant colors, unique patterns, and even customization options to show off your personality and style.

    4. Durability

    Lastly, durability is important for any sports equipment, including Muay Thai shorts. Ensure the shorts you choose are well-made, with reinforced stitching and quality materials. This way, they can withstand intense training sessions and last you a long time.

    To summarize, consider the material, fit, comfort, design, and durability when looking for the best Muay Thai shorts. Try different options and consider your preferences when choosing your ideal pair of shorts.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. What are the top Muay Thai shorts brands?

    In my experience, some of the best Muay Thai shorts brands include Fairtex, Yokkao, Twins Special, Top King, and Raja Boxing. Each brand has unique design and color options, so browsing through their collections is worth seeing which appeals to you the most.

    2. How do satin Muay Thai shorts feel?

    Satin Muay Thai shorts feel very comfortable and lightweight. The soft and smooth fabric allows excellent movement freedom during training or competition. Satin also dries quickly, which helps wick away sweat during intense workouts.

    3. What do people wear under their shorts?

    Some might wear compression shorts or briefs under their Muay Thai shorts for extra support and comfort. Choosing moisture-wicking underwear made from polyester or nylon is beneficial, as they keep you dry and avoid chafing during your workout.

    4. Are Muay Thai shorts supposed to fit tightly?

    Muay Thai shorts should be snug on your waist but not too tight, allowing for a full range of motion. They are generally shorter than other athletic shorts to provide uninhibited leg movement. Many shorts come with elastic waistbands and drawstrings, so you can easily adjust them to fit comfortably.

    5. How many pairs of shorts should I own?

    I’d recommend owning at least a few pairs of Muay Thai shorts, as you will likely want to rotate them between workouts or classes. Having multiple pairs can also help prolong the life of your shorts since you will only sometimes be wearing and washing the same pair.

    6. What shorts do pro fighters like Rodtang use?

    Rodtang, a well-known professional Muay Thai fighter, often wears Yokkao shorts during his fights. Yokkao is a popular choice among elite fighters for its durable construction, eye-catching designs, and excellent performance in the ring. Of course, every fighter has their preferences, so finding what works best for you is essential.

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