Unleashing the Power: How Fast is a Muay Thai Kick? Discover the Jaw-Dropping Speed and Force Behind (2023)

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Are you curious to know how fast is a Muay Thai kick? If you’re a martial arts or combat sports fan, you’ve probably heard of Muay Thai, a popular combat sport in Thailand.

The speed of a Muay Thai kick can vary depending on the individual’s skill level, physical attributes, and technique. However, some professional Muay Thai fighters have been recorded kicking at speeds of over 100 miles per hour (160 kilometers per hour).

In this article, I’ll explore the speed of a Muay Thai kick and what makes it such a formidable weapon in the ring. Let’s get started!

What Factors Affect The Speed of a Muay Thai Kick?

So you’re curious, what factors affect the speed of a Muay Thai kick? Well, there are several elements to consider. It’s not just about how fast you can swing your leg. A combination of physical, technical, and psychological factors determines the speed of a Muay Thai kick. 

1. Physical Factors 

First and foremost, let’s talk about the physical aspects: 

  • Strength: This is self-explanatory. The stronger your leg muscles, particularly your quadriceps, and hamstrings, the faster and more powerful your kick will be. High levels of physical strength allow Muay Thai fighters to generate considerable force in a short amount of time.
  • Flexibility: A flexible fighter can move with greater ease and fluidity, impacting the speed of their kicks. Regular stretching and mobility exercises can help improve this aspect.
  • Stamina: Stamina, or endurance, impacts your ability to maintain high-speed kicks throughout a fight. Without proper stamina, your kick speed may drop significantly as the fight progresses.

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Muay Thai fighters can generate significant force quickly due to their high physical strength
Muay Thai fighters can generate significant force quickly due to their high physical strength

2. Technical Factors 

Moving on to the technical side of things: 

  • Technique: The efficiency of your kick depends heavily on your technique. Correct form increases the speed of your kick and its accuracy and power. A well-executed Muay Thai kick uses a fluid, rotational movement of the entire body.
  • Timing: Timing is crucial in martial arts. The speed at which you can execute a kick is often less important than the timing of when you deliver it. A perfectly timed kick can catch an opponent off-guard, irrespective of speed.
  • Distance: The distance between you and your opponent can affect the speed of your kick. The closer you are, the less your kick takes to reach the opponent. However, being too close can also limit the power and effectiveness of your kick.

3. Psychological Factors 

Finally, there’s the mental game: 

  • Mental readiness: Psychology plays a surprising role in the speed of a Muay Thai kick. A fighter’s mental readiness, including their ability to anticipate an opponent’s movements and react quickly, can directly affect the speed of their kicks.
  • Confidence: Confidence in your abilities can also impact your performance. A confident fighter is more likely to execute faster, more decisive moves.

In summary, the speed of a Muay Thai kick isn’t determined by a single factor but a combination of various physical, technical, and psychological elements. You can develop faster, more effective kicks by improving these areas.

The Fastest Recorded Muay Thai Kicks in History: Amazing Feats of Power and Technique

When we delve into Muay Thai, we encounter a rich history and astonishing physical feats. As a practitioner and admirer of this martial art, I’ve often found myself amazed by the sheer power and technique that top fighters demonstrate, and the speed of their kicks is something that never fails to impress.

The fastest recorded Muay Thai kick was 137 mph. Let’s look at some of the most noteworthy records set by Muay Thai fighters.

1. Samart Payakaroon: The Speedy Strategist 

Samart Payakaroon, widely regarded as one of the greatest Muay Thai fighters of all time, was renowned for the speed of his kicks.

His kicks were reportedly clocked at an impressive 130 km/h, a testament to his exceptional skill and power. His ability to deliver such swift kicks and his strategic insight in the ring led him to numerous victories throughout his career.

Samart Payakaroon, one of the greatest Muay Thai fighters ever, was famous for his lightning-fast kicks
Samart Payakaroon, one of the greatest Muay Thai fighters ever, was famous for his lightning-fast kicks
(image source: blog.revgear.com)

Learn basic kick techniques with Samart Payakaroon:

2. Buakaw Banchamek: The Thunder Leg 

Another name that can’t be missed in any discussion of Muay Thai speed and power is Buakaw Banchamek. Known for his explosive kicking power, Buakaw reportedly delivered kicks at speeds up to 135 km/h. His speed, ferocity, and precision have made him a formidable force in professional Muay Thai.

Buakaw reportedly delivered kicks at speeds up to 135 km per hour
Buakaw reportedly delivered kicks at speeds up to 135 km per hour
(image source: evolve-mma.com)

Buakaw’s insane kicks training:

3. Yodsanklai Fairtex: The Boxing Computer 

Yodsanklai Fairtex, affectionately known as the “Boxing Computer” for his ability to calculate and deliver precise strikes, has also achieved notable speeds with his kicks. His kicks have been clocked at around 120 km/h, contributing to his well-earned reputation for power and accuracy.

Yodsanklai Fairtex's reputation for power and accuracy is well-deserved, with his kicks clocked at approximately 120 km per hour
Yodsanklai Fairtex’s reputation for power and accuracy is well-deserved, with his kicks clocked at approximately 120 km per hour
(image source: combatpress.com)

Watch Yodsanklai’s Precision Left Kick:

Each of these fighters demonstrates the potent combination of speed, power, and technique that characterizes Muay Thai. Their records provide a benchmark for aspiring fighters and remind them of what can be achieved with rigorous training and dedication.

It’s important to remember that speed is not the only factor in a successful Muay Thai kick. Technique, timing, and accuracy also play critical roles. A kick delivered at lightning speed without proper form or target precision may not have the desired effect in a match. Conversely, a perfectly timed and placed kick can deliver a decisive blow, even if not the fastest.

How Muay Thai Kicks Compare to Other Combat Sports: A Comprehensive Analysis

Ever wondered how a Muay Thai kick stacks up against the kicks from other combat sports? Let’s dive into a comprehensive comparison to shed some light on this topic.

Note: These comparisons are not about establishing superiority but highlighting each martial art form’s unique characteristics and strengths.

1. The Speed of Muay Thai Kicks 

When it comes to the speed of a Muay Thai kick, the numbers can vary depending on numerous factors, such as the technique used, the fighter’s physique, training level, and the context of the kick in a fight. However, on average, a well-trained Muay Thai fighter typically delivers a roundhouse kick at a speed of around 130-150 km/hr or 80-93 mph. 

2. Comparison with Taekwondo 

At first glance, a Taekwondo kick, famed for its speed and agility, would be faster. But you may be surprised that a typical Taekwondo roundhouse kick averages around 80-100 km/hr or 50-62 mph. Although Taekwondo excels in high-flying and spinning kicks, the power and speed of Muay Thai kicks often surpass them. 

3. Comparison with Karate 

Karate kicks, known for their precision and technical excellence, usually clocking in at around 115-135 km/hr or 71-84 mph. While they come close, they don’t typically reach the same speed as a Muay Thai kick. One of the reasons for this is that Muay Thai kicks utilize a full rotation of the hip, contributing to their formidable speed and power. 

4. Comparison with Kickboxing 

Interestingly, Kickboxing, a sport known for its combination of punching and kicking techniques from various martial arts, also needs to catch up to Muay Thai.

The average speed of a Kickboxing roundhouse kick is approximately 120-140 km/hr or 75-87 mph. It’s worth noting that Kickboxing places a significant emphasis on hand techniques, which may account for some of the speed differential.

It’s important to understand that the speed of a kick is just one piece of the puzzle. The effectiveness of a kick in a martial arts context also relies heavily on timing, accuracy, and the ability to deliver it without leaving oneself open to a counterattack.

From this comprehensive analysis, we can conclude that Muay Thai offers a fascinating blend of speed, power, and technique and holds its own compared to other prominent martial arts. Understanding these dynamics can provide a unique perspective on this ancient combat sport, whether you’re an aspiring fighter or a martial arts enthusiast.

How to Improve Your Muay Thai Kick Speed and Technique: Tips and Techniques

1. Understanding the Basics 

Before we get into the nitty-gritty, let’s take a moment to understand the basics. A powerful Muay Thai kick is a marriage of speed, power, technique, and precision. It’s not just about swinging your leg as fast as you can; it’s about the entire body working harmoniously to deliver a single, power-packed blow. 

2. Improving Speed 

  1. Practice Regularly: As with any skill, repetition is the key. Regular practice helps you get comfortable with the kick’s motion, reducing the time your body needs to perform it.
  2. Strength Training: Stronger muscles can contract faster, leading to quicker movements. Include squats, lunges, and calf raises to strengthen your lower body.
  3. Flexibility: Greater flexibility enables a larger range of motion and faster kicks. Incorporate stretching into your daily routine to improve your flexibility.
Regular practice can help you become comfortable with the motion of the kick, reducing the time your body needs to execute it
Regular practice can help you become comfortable with the motion of the kick, reducing the time your body needs to execute it

3. Enhancing Technique 

Speed is crucial, but what good is speed without the right technique? Here are some tips to refine your Muay Thai kick technique.

  1. Right Stance: Your position before the kick is vital. A balanced, stable stance allows for a quick and powerful kick. Always remember to keep your body loose and ready to strike.
  2. Rotation: A Muay Thai kick is not just from the hip but involves rotating the entire body. The power of your kick comes from this rotation, so perfect this aspect of your technique.
  3. Accuracy: Aim your kicks accurately to deliver maximum impact. Practice aiming at specific targets to improve your precision.

Remember, Rome wasn’t built in a day. Consistency is key. Keep practicing, keep refining, and keep improving!

Incorporating these tips into your training regimen will improve your Muay Thai kick speed and technique. It’s about weaving together all these elements to create a kick that is as devastatingly fast as technically sound. And always remember, the journey to mastery is a marathon, not a sprint.


There’s no denying the formidable force of a Muay Thai kick. The speed at which a trained fighter can deliver this powerful strike is truly impressive, and it’s one of the reasons why Muay Thai has earned global recognition as an effective combat sport. 

As we’ve explored earlier, a Muay Thai kick’s velocity varies, but it generally falls within the range of: 

130-150 km/hr or 80-93 mph.

Speed is a critical component, but it’s not the only factor that makes a Muay Thai kick so potent. Other elements like technique, timing, and power should also be considered. 

  • Technique: A proper Muay Thai kick involves the whole body, not just the legs. The rotation of the hips, the positioning of the feet, and the use of the shin rather than the foot are all crucial to delivering a powerful kick.
  • Timing: The best fighters know that timing their kicks correctly can multiply their impact, turning a fast kick into a devastating blow.
  • Power: While speed is important, the power behind the kick truly matters. This power is derived from the kinetic energy generated by the entire body moving in unison.

Ultimately, the speed of a Muay Thai kick is just one piece of the puzzle. A fighter’s ability to combine speed, power, technique, and timing makes Muay Thai kicks a force to be reckoned with.

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